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Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Abraham, Reuben Emanuel  1908Minnesota I4265 The Evenson Tree 
2 Anderson, Gustave Carl  Jan 1866Minnesota I4254 The Evenson Tree 
3 Asleson, Albert Christ  09 Feb 1865Minnesota I14565 The Evenson Tree 
4 Aure, John C.  18 Oct 1876Minnesota I11266 Arenson Tree 
5 Bensen, Orlin Clifford  03 Jun 1920Minnesota I14064 Syverson Tree 
6 Bethke, Emeline  03 Dec 1911Minnesota I11949 The Evenson Tree 
7 Boe, Alvin Julius  07 Nov 1896Minnesota I2085 The Evenson Tree 
8 Carlson, Milton P.  30 Aug 1921Minnesota I14062 Syverson Tree 
9 Chisholm, Anna Marion  08 Apr 1904Minnesota I14841 Arenson Tree 
10 Chisholm, Doris Marietta  08 Apr 1904Minnesota I14842 Arenson Tree 
11 Christensen, Cora Ann  01 Nov 1907Minnesota I14824 Arenson Tree 
12 Christenson, Gundella  05 May 1893Minnesota I14817 Arenson Tree 
13 Christenson, Mabel C.  Mar 1892Minnesota I14816 Arenson Tree 
14 Danielson, Alfred P.  10 Oct 1886Minnesota I14023 Syverson Tree 
15 Danielson, Ida Marie  19 Sep 1893Minnesota I14026 Syverson Tree 
16 Danielson, Mathilda  27 Apr 1881Minnesota I14021 Syverson Tree 
17 Danielson, Oliver  23 May 1891Minnesota I14025 Syverson Tree 
18 Danielson, Peter  17 Dec 1879Minnesota I14020 Syverson Tree 
19 Dunham, Dale Patrick  17 Mar 1931Minnesota I11946 The Evenson Tree 
20 Fevig, George Victor  06 Dec 1894Minnesota I13148 The Evenson Tree 
21 Guleksdatter, Martine Wraalstad  Sep 1868Minnesota I14815 Arenson Tree 
22 Hanson, Carrie  25 Apr 1865Minnesota I4251 The Evenson Tree 
23 Iverson, Edward Theodore  Nov 1860Minnesota I5131 Arenson Tree 
24 Johnson, Joseph  26 Aug 1882Minnesota I4304 The Evenson Tree 
25 Kiewel, Frank Donald Jr.  05 May 1905Minnesota I11954 The Evenson Tree 
26 Kranz, Walter Michael  06 Aug 1904Minnesota I11948 The Evenson Tree 
27 Kristensen, Julia Kristine  30 Aug 1874Minnesota I4833 Arenson Tree 
28 Lindaur, Henry  11 Nov 1892Minnesota I7297 The Evenson Tree 
29 Olsen, Alice B.  Abt 1870Minnesota I14674 The Evenson Tree 
30 Quigley, Edith M.  06 Dec 1890Minnesota I14117 The Evenson Tree 
31 Ridley, Arthur Joshua  06 Jul 1878Minnesota I10669 Syverson Tree 
32 Sjoli, Albert Martinus  20 Jul 1882Minnesota I14066 Syverson Tree 
33 Stone, Olava  23 Jan 1890Minnesota I11347 Arenson Tree 
34 Strand, Lena  09 Jun 1890Minnesota I14374 Arenson Tree 
35 Sunde, Ruby  13 Mar 1897Minnesota I10564 Arenson Tree 
36 Swenson, Edna Hazel  15 Sep 1897Minnesota I14257 Arenson Tree 
37 Swenson, Edward  29 Oct 1893Minnesota I14261 Arenson Tree 
38 Swenson, John Arthur  28 May 1899Minnesota I14258 Arenson Tree 
39 Swenson, Myrtle Lenora  09 Mar 1901Minnesota I14259 Arenson Tree 
40 Thomey, Beverly Joan  18 Feb 1930Minnesota I11394 Arenson Tree 
41 Ulrich, Joseph  Nov 1873Minnesota I14436 Arenson Tree 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Carlson, Milton P.  06 Sep 2019Minnesota I14062 Syverson Tree 
2 Christenson, Lois Mercedes  04 Feb 2018Minnesota I4845 Arenson Tree 
3 Geronsin, Kathleen  04 Oct 2021Minnesota I10790 Arenson Tree 
4 Mattson, Anders  01 Feb 1908Minnesota I13721 Syverson Tree 
5 Pedersdatter, Olia Aaberg  01 Sep 1908Minnesota I6106 Syverson Tree 
6 Syversdatter, Turid Belgum  Minnesota I14700 The Evenson Tree 
7 Syversen, Berger Sjøli  16 Nov 1901Minnesota I6261 Syverson Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Arntsen, Greger Jørgen Forsland  1910Minnesota I5117 Arenson Tree 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Bergerson / Wester  03 Apr 1887Minnesota F500 Syverson Tree 
2 / Robinson  12 Aug 1937Minnesota F2597 The Evenson Tree 
3 / Robinson  12 Aug 1937Minnesota F740 Arenson Tree 
4 Hong / Hatlestad  08 Jun 1938Minnesota F2643 The Evenson Tree 
5 Doll / Disrud  1940Minnesota F1013 The Evenson Tree